I am Bonez's Stoma

A stoma that looks remarkably like an heirloom (s)tomato. Bonez doesn't like me, she thinks I'm creepy and gross. But at the same time, without me, she wouldn't be able to eat.

It goes like this: Bonez is not a puker. If you've kept up with the main blog for any length of time, you've heard Bonez whine about how much she's wished she could just puke and then she'd feel better. But she just doesn't puke. Until recently. It was a few weeks ago that she started throwing up before bed. And then it started to be in the morning too. And then it was all day. She couldn't eat, but boy could she puke.

Turns out, it was her swollen colon that was making her puke. And the relief from the swollen colon? ME! The heirloom (s)tomato. Bonez is getting used to me. She doesn't find me too too icky any more, even tho it's only been a few days. She realizes that it's much better to have me on her belly than to not be able to eat anything. Of course, it means she won't be wearing any midriff-bearing trendy tops. Or bikinis. But that's a tradeoff she is more than willing to accept.

Just don't ask to see me! That might get you slapped!!!